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Magnitude 302 Jeep (55H & 55L Plus Only) (302JEEP)

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Compatibility:  Magnitude 55H or Magnitude 55L Plus with optional 23 inch flipbox
Gooseneck Design:  Fixed narrow
Loaded fifth wheel height:  48 inches
Swing radius:  72 inches
Electrical Receptacle:  J560 7-pin connector
Deck Design:  Beam design
Fifth wheel:  Fixed fifth wheel with a 55 inches fifth wheel height
Number of Axles:  2
Axle Spread:  50 inches (between axles)
Brakes:  16.5 inches x 7 inches with 5.5 inches autoslacks - heavy duty brake drums - outboard mount
Suspension:  Single point spring
Tire Brand:  OEM Standard
Width:  8 feet 0 inches
Electrical System:  DOT sealed beam and harness
ABS:  Not required
VIN Plate:  Bilingual VIN plate
Registration/Document Holder:  Registration/document holder intalled

Please Note:  Price includes commodity surcharges
Commercial Terms:  Ex Works- Springville, AL, USA

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