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Built to handle the special requirements of commercial applications

A photo that shows the Renegade trailer from a side view.
A photo that shows the Renegade trailer from a side view fully extended.

Renegade Lowbed Trailers

Fontaine offers a full line of rugged Specialized trailers for the commercial market. Choose from:

  • 30 to 40 ton capacities
  • Extendable trailers
  • Choice of mechanical and hydraulic necks
  • Trailers for Canadian market

Standard Features

  • 54.5" axle spread(18, N18, 20, N20, X20, XN20)
  • 60" axle spread (20C, X20C)
  • 50" axle spread (14, N14, N12)
  • Outriggers (except 14, N14, N12)
  • Tandem air ride, fixed bogie
  • Amber strobes / battery backup
  • 255 tires


  • Gooseneck toolbox – riser area(all Mechanical models)
  • Mini-boom trough
  • Disc brakes (18, N18, 20, N20, X20, XN20)
  • Flip box compatible – 36"(20, 20C, X20, X20C)
  • Flip axle compatible (all models)
  • Tire inflation systems, paint, tires, wheels & more

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Renegade Lowbed Trailer Features

From the Specialized lowbed industry leader
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Removable mechanical gooseneck


Mechanical gooseneck features fifth wheel guide rollers that line up with the tractor ramps. The guide rollers make connecting/ disconnecting fast and easy. Helps line up fifth wheel with kingpin and improves stability.

Renegade X20 mechanical gooseneck
set up for flip box


The rollers on gooseneck platform and the kingpin can be removed and relocated onto an optional 36" flip box.

Renegade mechanical gooseneck
adjustable ride height


Gooseneck base features a figure-8 plate with two kingpin height settings for 50" or 52" loaded deck height.

Renegade mechanical gooseneck upper deck


Gooseneck deck features approx 10' clear deck space for cargo. D-rings for easy tie down are conveniently located.

Renegade mechanical gooseneck
spray protection


Stainless steel diamond plate splash guards protect deck from road spray. Renegade mud flaps bolted to bottom of splash guard offer even greater protection.

Renegade hydraulic gooseneck–Fastest gooseneck in the industry


Hydraulic removable “hook & shaft” design is superior to ordinary pin & plate method. It offers greater versatility so you can connect/disconnect on uneven ground. A v-guide on deck helps position the gooseneck for faster & easier operation.

Renegade hydraulic gooseneck lock pin handle


Easy-to-operate mechanical design is more durable than air pin systems. It's also much easier to repair in the field, and repairs require less downtime.

Renegade hydraulic gooseneck glad hands and hose connections are protected


Glad hands are recessed to avoid damage. Inlet and return hydraulic connections are also protected. Pre-drilled bolt holes make it easy to mount a pony motor (so you can operate self-contained).

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